AdQuiver is a MAdTech (Marketing and Advertising Technology) agency and development company specializing in Data Driven Marketing for generating direct sales in the tourism industry.

Our experience in developing strategies within the broad digital ecosystem of Paid Display, especially in purchasing programmatic advertising, compiling and analyzing Big Data, and applying Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Business Intelligence technologies, enables us to exponentially grow our clients’ direct channel sales, giving them back ownership of their customers and reducing their dependence on intermediaries. This makes it possible for them to know and own their customers throughout the sales funnel.

We have achieved major successes through our work in leading hotel chains such as SATOCAN Turismo and PY Hotels & Resorts, airlines such as Canaryfly, and tourist destinations such as Lanzarote Tourism.

All this is possible through a strategy based on objective, statistical, verifiable, measurable and transparent data, enabling the tourism companies we work for to make decisions for constant optimization and improvement of marketing and advertising actions to generate direct sales on their own digital channels.

AdQuiver is underpinned by three key principles.

  • Proprietary technology for optimizing the sales process. We have already developed our own Artificial Intelligence system, which is currently showing better ratios than the market options, and we are continuing to develop it in an ongoing R&D process.
  • Developing the audiences from which we obtain first-party data. This means that campaigns are more effective, generating more direct sessions and sales (branding and performance), and more efficient, achieving lower CPMs and maximizing investments to boost the direct channel.
  • In-depth knowledge of the tourism industry, its potential audiences and its markets. This enables us to improve conversion ratios by sending the right message at the right time, in real time.