Boost your direct sales and get to know your customers

We drive exponential direct sales through travel companies’ digital channels.

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We can maximise the potential of your direct sales channel

Through data, technology and digital advertising, we drive exponential direct sales through travel companies’ direct channels and we boost the conversion funnel in all its phases: we bring new visitors to your website, impress them with suitable creativity depending on the time of purchase, and we place your tourism product at the top of digital users’ minds for their holidays.

Making your advertising investment more effective and efficient

As we use first-party data to create a picture of our clients’ target audiences, and our own technology to extract and tap into knowledge of their behaviour and context, our CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is exceptionally low, which maximises your advertising investment.

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We generate competitive advantages that are sustainable in the long term

We implement data-driven technological ecosystems in our clients’ businesses through our MoirAI platform. MoirAI automates contextual and behavioural data sources (direct channel analytics, flight searches, weather, work calendars, distance to airports, etc.), managed by our CDP (Customer Data Platform), designed ad hoc for the tourism sector. It includes advanced analytics for a variety of cases, a personalised dashboard tailored to our clients’ specific circumstances and bid process optimisation in the programmatic marketing ecosystem.

Increase your online channel sales, really get to know your customers and gain a competitive edge

Our solutions

Data Driven Marketing

With data at the heart of your marketing strategy, improve your decision-making, optimise your resources and budgets and increase your sales through your direct channel.

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Data Driven Technology

Make the most of our technological platform's potential to ensure your digital business is a success. Leverage the capacities of artificial intelligence and big data to understand your target customers and tap into that knowledge.

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Data Driven Intelligence

We develop advanced analytical algorithms and specialised dashboards to obtain essential insights into customer behaviour and results from the digital marketing strategy.

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